Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GLOBAL TALENT WAR continues: English as An Edge in Business

by Jobstreet.com

In this issue, we will provide an exclusive insight into the importance of English as a primary Lingua Franca, and a comparison of Malaysian candidates’ English Language Assessment (ELA) results against results from other ASEAN countries.

1. How are we compared to other countries?
  Find out how Malaysian candidates fared in the JobStreet.com English Language Assessment (ELA), which measures levels of comprehension and understanding in English.
2. Cross Industry Highlights
  We provide an Insight into ELA results across Industries, based on junior, senior and manager levels, and across various industries.
3. Why is it important to hire jobseekers with a good command of English?
  The effects of globalization in the Information Technology age makes English an important Lingua Franca in Asia.


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