Why Ben & Bella?

Fresh, Contemporary 3D-Animation

-       Highly-attractive animation tailored to young children.
-       Attention-grapping and engaging over multiple repeat viewings.
-       Specially created just  for this program. Children see pictures of the words they hear linguist call this “contextualization”. It’s a key to learning component.
-       Entirely focused on teaching English; children learn while being entertained.
-       Competing products were created to entertain, with English lessons attached later.
-       Children resent the poorly-integrated teaching interruptions. ET has no animations at all, while Disney’s Magic English is really just a collection of Disney cartoons.

Live-Action Sequences

-       The live-action sequences help children to
o    Relate the lessons of the animation with real-life in general and
o    Transfer their new vocabulary to everyday situations
o    ET only uses live-action, neglecting the interplay of animation and live-action.

Ben & Bella are Lovable and Cute

-       Numerous tests with children in US, Korea and Germany have shown that young children love the characters.

Total Immersion Method

-       Equivalent to the vocabulary of a 3 or 4 year-old child speaking his or her mother tongue.
-       From that point it is very easy for a child to build further vocabulary, speak fluently, and communicate in English.

Independent Learning

-       Parental involvement is welcome but not crucial in this program.
-       Children can spend endless, fun-filled hours learning the language without parents.
-       The storybooks come with read-along CDs and again no parental help is necessary.
-       Even the activity books are easy to use and self-explanatory. Children possess a natural impulse to complete the activities.
-       As it is not complicated, parents will love it, resulting in good word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and family.
Sing and Dance

-       18 catchy songs to sing along to. Especially for very young learners, this is a very attractive feature, as it is easy to catch on.
-       There are also 18 different dances for children to dance along to, deepening the sing-along experience.
-       Dancing develops children’s motor skills and coordination, which are also crucial for this age group.

Enhancing General Skills

-       The activity books stimulate children’s creative, logical and cognitive skills through easy and fun games.
-       6 puzzles in 1, encourage logical thinking and assertiveness.
-       The sticker book enhances the fun of playing with the characters and builds reasoning skills at the same time. It’s perfect means of rehearsing vocabulary.
-       Flash cards for key words with clear, colorful illustrations let parents and teachers practice English anytime, anywhere and help provide the repetition of important concepts that ensures that the new language will be retained.